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● "Tekken" a masterpiece whose 20-year history can be revolted

Soundtrack of 3D fighting fighting game "Tekken 7" that fascinates the whole world and is also highly excited as e-Sports.

BGM of this work produced at the milestone of "Tekken" 20th anniversary
While incorporating the essence of various sounds, we are placing an electric sound that can be said to be the origin return
as the core.

Also, each stage 2 version of BGM at the battle stage is prepared.
There are unusual vocal songs in the series, and a lineup of songs suitable for "Tekken" continues innovation.


Music by Music by BNSI (Rio Hamamoto, Taku Inoue), AJURIKA, sanodg [DETUNE],
Keiichi Okabe [MONACA], BatAAr

Music CD 2 set / Tekken 7 (AC) theme song & BGM all 25 tracks included

-special gifts-

"Nonstop Audio: Combination Arms"
Special CD that can enjoy "Tekken 7" music as a medley.
"Another jacket"
Another jacket 4P specification which puts Kazumi Mishima as the main.On the inner page is a track list of special CDs.

※ Special gifts is attached as long as there is stock.