EspradeΨ Drive Waves 2019 [SRIN-1166]

EspradeΨ Drive Waves 2019 [SRIN-1166]

Price: JPY2,700

Weight: 250g


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This item will be pre-ordered on 12/27.

■ Arrange BGM with vertical STG "Esplayed Ψ" will be released on CD! A vertical scrolling shooter run in an arcade in 1998 "Esplayed" is implemented in the PS4 / Nintendo Switch ported version of "Esplayed II" A CD containing songs from Arrange BGM mode “Drive Waves 2019”. This CD has 20 songs arranged in BGM and 10 songs Also includes a long version "Extend Remix". This “Extend Remix” is a song that further expands the world view expressed in BGM, It is finished so that you can enjoy the uniqueness of each arranger. The jacket is drawn by Junya Inoue, a manga artist who served as the main designer of "Esplayed".


As a first-come-first-serve purchase privilege for this CD,
Receive an “Extra Disc” with a non-stop mix (medley).

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