Progear Sound & Art Collection [SRIN-1118]

Progear Sound & Art Collection [SRIN-1118]

Price: JPY3,200

Weight: 205g


Item description

In response to high popularity and demands, the “Progear” soundtrack has been reprinted!
It's not just a reprint, there are plenty of special contents!

" Capcom x Cave "was born with a dream special partnership,
Arcade side-scrolling shooter "Progear's Storm"
With all BGM (CPS2 ver & original ver)
Completely includes 26 tracks of voice collection.

In addition, both CPS2 ver and original ver are recorded in a loop specification!
In addition, valuable development materials and graphics such as rough & original drawings
Permanent preservation in digital archive!
A must-see collection of fan drools that can only be seen here!
In the jacket, is the "Pro Gear Arashi" development director,
Using a newly drawn illustration drawn by illustrator Junya Inoue!

First-time purchase benefits
We present "reversible another jacket"