Glory of Heracles SOUND CHRONICLE [SRIN-1119]

Glory of Heracles SOUND CHRONICLE [SRIN-1119]

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Item description

"Glory of Hercules" series 5 title soundtrack is a long-awaited release!

"Glory of Fighter Devil" Hercules "(FC / ★ First CD)
"Glory of Hercules II Ruin of Titan" (FC)
"The glory of the Hercules" The gods which started moving "(GB / ★ First CD)
"Glory of Hercules III Silence of Gods" (SFC / ★ First CD, digital recording)
"Glory of Hercules IV Gifts from Gods" (SFC / Digital Recording)

Since the BGM of the above-mentioned five titles is outputting with high sound quality output from the actual game machine,
You can feel the charm of music more clearly.

· 6 CD set (2 CD cases × 3)
· Booklet 28P

【Composer】 Mihoko Ando / Masaaki Iwasaki / Shinichi Kamiya / Shogo Sakai / Emi Shimizu / Yuji Suzuki /
Yusuke Takahama / Hironori Nakamoto / Seiichi Hamada / Takashi Miura / Seiji Momoi
[Vocal] Kiyota Ai Mi ("The children of Atlantis' 18")